At Wolf and Mabel, finding the most beautiful and unique vintage childrenswear is our passion. Our garments are often one of a kind, sometimes never worn but always of good quality. We hope that you will find a special something that you feel is as unique as your child that perhaps they will keep as a treasure of their childhood.


21 results
Incredible Little Vintage Eklows Drindl Dress
Vintage Silk Girls Dress
Vintage Celtic Bib Dress
Vintage Brown Railroad Stripe Trousers
Beautiful Vintage Sailor Coat
Vintage Unworn ABC Plaid Trim Dress
Vintage Plaid Pinafore Two Piece
Exquisite Hand Made Sheer Dress
Incredible Vintage Lace Jacket
Vintage Denim Dungarees
Little Vintage Viyella Baby Dress
Viyella Vintage Sixties Baby Tunic 1-3 Years
Little Vintage Knitted Dress
Stunning Sixties Vintage Viyella Baby Tunic
Little Vintage Seventies Wool Coat
Winter Berry First Glove Mittens 2-4 Years
Winter Green First Glove Mittens 2-4 Years
Winter Nordic Mittens 2-4 Years
Winter Heart Mittens 2-4 Years
Winter Oak Mittens 2-4 Years
Winter Sky Mittens 2-4 Years
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