Vintage Tammy Girl Denim Jacket


This incredibly cool vintage denim jacket heralds from my favourite tweenhood store that was Tammy Girl! This one was not my own and I was very tempted to keep it for my daughter, but it went SO well with the sheer dress we have for this age bracket that I had to make it available to purchase (see pictures).

In perfect condition and in super soft denim, the short boxy cut with tapered sleeve is very stylish, and with the flower print detailing beneath the collar, cuff and pockets it's just perfect. 

I think that a denim jacket is an essential layering wardrobe staple for any age to make dresses more casual. 

Really great vintage denim is a fab investment and it's hard to find really nice pieces like this. 

Age 6-9 depending on child. 

Measurements LAID FLAT for you to compare against garments you have:

Shoulder to shoulder 35cms

Pit to pit 39cms

Waist 33cms

Length 37cms

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