Our newest arrivals for the festive season are finally here, and feature some very rare vintage finds including the likes of Viyella, Laura Ashley and some stunning sheer dresses that are guaranteed to delight.
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Vintage Cherry Red Smocked Dress
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Vintage Taffeta Plaid Dress
Little Vintage Velvet Red Dress
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Vintage Shot Silk Red Plaid Dress
Baby Vintage Silk Plaid Dress
Vintage Zig Zag Taffeta Plaid Dress
Baby Belart  Vintage Festive Dress
Vintage Paula Walton Girls Dress
Seventies Woodland Vintage Velvet Dress
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Vintage Florence Eisman Plaid Dress
Perfect Vintage Plaid  Dress by St Michael
Vintage Plaid Pinafore Two Piece
Vintage Dirdl Dress
Incredible Flowing Vintage Viyella Winter Girls Dress
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Vintage St Michael Sailor Dress
Vintage Laura Ashley Girls Plaid Dress
Vintage Hand Smocked Mono Flower Dress
Winter White Vintage Tulle Concertina Dress
Exquisite Vintage Cinderella Tulle Embroidered Dress
Winter White Vintage Pixie Embroidered Tulle Dress
Vintage Laura Ashley Spirograph Girls Dress
Vintage Viyella Girls Winter Dress
Vintage Laura Ashley Girls Polka Dot Dress
Exquisite Vintage Laura Ashley Women’s Black Dress
Women's Laura Ashley Vintage Acid Winter Flower Dress
Vintage Child’s Coat
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Vintage Christmas Dress
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Incredible Vintage Alpenland Dress
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Eighties Claret Velvet Dress
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Vintage Sugared Plum Girls Dress
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Vintage Hattie Plaid Dress
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Vintage Little Velvet Jewel Dress
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Vintage Laura Ashley Dress
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Ultramarine Girls Vintage Velvet Dress
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Winter White Lace Bustle Dress
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