What Our Customers Say

We thought we'd share a little feedback from our customers here in the UK, Europe, and as far reaching as Australia and America, many of whom are returning visitors to Wolf and Mabel in search of something truly unique.

Getting to know our customers is one of the best parts of the process and we are always ready to rise to the challenge of finding something specific given the brief. If you would like more help we're always happy to hear from you



A vintage 1970's velvet  dress sourced from a lady in Scotland who had kept her daughter's most beautiful clothes to pass to her granddaughters..but had grandsons. 

 'I've always wanted to find something worthy of being a keepsake, and what better than this dress!'

It is always so rewarding to have returning customers, and even nicer to receive such wonderful feedback and gorgeous pictures.

'We love the dress!!! I am jealous, Nancy always looks cooler than me! At least she is brightening up this grey day!' X

'Nancy was so happy with her dress! I’ve never seen her so happy with a piece of clothing. She kept saying, “mummy take off my coat, I want to twirl!”...crawling in the sandpit, on the slide, playing in the dirt... and the dress is still perfect! I was worried!!! But the quality is amazing, it’s actually Nancy proof! Thanks so much!'



Unworn dresses from the seventies, with a real sixties vibe, we often find these hard to part with. 

'The dress is GORGEOUS! I love it on her, thank you so much.' 



A super cute vintage Danish trouser suit and an incredibly unique 1970's hand made Broderie dress a customer bought to keep for her baby when she's old enough to fit it.. that's savvy and committed.  

'WHAT A PARCEL! I just opened it.. I love my waistcoat, can’t wait to match with Sonny. The seventies Broderie dress is incredible, it’s worth the five year wait for it to fit my little girl!'



Finding distinctive vintage Viyella dresses is rare, so it is wonderful to hear that they are appreciated. 

'We went for dinner like this last night like this. They were the hit of the restaurant!'




 This stunning dress is a fine example of some incredible 1980's finds from a time when production still took place in the UK. 

'You source the most amazing pieces.'


'Those Laura Ashley dresses are making me wish I had girls!'


'What I’ve learnt with vintage is that you only regret it if you don’t buy it!..So I will take both please!'


'Thank you so much. Its such a beautiful dress and absolutely immaculate, I can't wait for her to grow into it.'


'The dress is just amazing and we’ve had so many compliments. Can’t wait til I get some more goodies from you.'



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