Vintage Reversible Teddy & Circus Stripe Print Cape

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This gorgeous luxurious double lined unworn cape from the eighties looks fantastically stylish on.  It is an exquisite piece with a beautiful weighty feel yet moves fluidly and is an absolutely timeless classic that will keep even to adulthood. It looks great with plaid as in the picture on the model who's 8, but would look so cool with jeans and red Converse!

This piece dates from the 1980's and was made in Yorkshire in and an era that still held on to some of it's beautiful hand crafted local garment making skills. At Wolf and Mabel we celebrate pieces like this that didn't skimp on fabric, detailing or finishing. 

It has a fun teddy bear print on one side (somewhat Mini Rodini-esque) and a wonderful bold circus style stripe on the other side, with an alphabet border.

We have just one like this, it is some of the last stock of this archive collection. 

Age 6 but will fit larger and even up to a size adult 10 just as a shorter cape; I'm almost temped to keep it for myself! 

Length is 70cms at longest point. 

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