As summertime commenced at Wolf and Mabel, we were thrilled to have acquired some of our favourite British vintage labels. These garments represent the essence of summer and the quality of years gone by and go live on our website this Sunday 14th June. We were over the moon to be shortlisted for the annual Junior Design award under the category for Best Circular/Vintage Brand 2022. Whether we win an award, we are yet to know, but it brings us the greatest pleasure to be able to share this collection with you, our loyal lovers of vintage childrenswear.  This collection really is the cream of the crop! 

Blessed with incredibly good treasure hunting luck, not only were we excited to find such rare and unique St. Michael and Laura Ashley gems, but to find sister dresses too. The sister dresses fit from approximately age 7 to 11 years and could make the most wonderful bridesmaid dresses. 

Made in Great Britain labels denote a time when detail and finishing were key to brand identity. Years ago, British quality was paramount and resulted in the most beautiful finishing and detail. 

St Michael dresses have a little known indication of the month and year they were made, for example 2/6 indicates February 1976. To think that we could have walked into a high street store and purchased dresses of such wonderful standard is incomparable to today's high street offerings. 

    vintage st. michael prairie dresses for girls

    Below is a super rare vintage seventies C&A dress. We have never found one quite like this before, it really is a one of a kind gem and that's why we love to help you dress your children in vintage clothing because it is as unique as they are! 

    Vintage childrenswear prairie dress

    The vintage David Rome dress below dates from the seventies and is an incredibly rare and uniquely stylish dress. It has been in our collection for years but for our entry to the competition we released all of our most treasured finds! 

    Vintage girls smocked dress

    The 1950s and early 1960s were a great time for the most exquisite sheer ethereal dresses with immaculate detail and shape, and the early 1980s saw the arrival of some of our most sought after Laura Ashley styles, the tired dress, now emulated by the dynamic US label Batsheva. These kind of modern day collaborations are a nod to just how iconic and timeless these vintage styles are. 

    vintage 1950s sheer girls dress
    vintage Laura Ashley girls dress
    vintage sheer sixties girls dress

    At Wolf and Mabel we are passionate about customer service, every item in the collection is scrutinized for any imperfections and hand mended to ensure their intrinsic quality is maintained. 


    vintage girls dresses
      August 11, 2022 — anna-louise plumb