Live on our website at 7 pm on Sunday 19th November.

As I began to pull together this beautiful celebration of rare vintage dresses the winter sun shone. It has been a joy capturing the light play and shadows that were cast as I lay each piece out.  Finding historical pieces in such wonderful condition now is so rare, so I am always so excited that I get to share them with you. Knowing that they will be enjoyed again and that they bring such a sense of nostalgia and happiness to those who wear them and those who admire them is the icing on the cake. This little capsule contains sheers, lace, and silk dresses that were all beautifully made as early as the fifties and sixties. They have been lovingly squirreled away in dusty trunks, found in London attics, or have come from the heart of the British garment industry in the North of England as well as from everywhere in between, where quality and value were prioritized in the past. 

I hope you enjoy this little preview - these kind of dresses are just so hard to come by now and are all one of a kind. The dresses range from ages 4-6 years up to 10-11 years. 

girls vintage sheer dress
girls vintage dress



November 17, 2023 — anna-louise plumb