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By bringing children’s vintage fashion to the fore, we hope to break the belief that kids need to wear cheap throw away clothing. Quality for us means durability, individuality, and a responsibility to reduce waste for a generation for whom a sustainable consciousness is most poignant.  

Vintage Cherry Red Smocked Dress
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Vintage Taffeta Plaid Dress
Little Vintage Velvet Red Dress
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Vintage Shot Silk Red Plaid Dress
Baby Vintage Silk Plaid Dress
Vintage Zig Zag Taffeta Plaid Dress
Baby Belart  Vintage Festive Dress
Vintage Paula Walton Girls Dress


"Wolf and Mabel was inspired by my eternal love for vintage clothing. Named after my son and daughter’s middle names, given to them in memory of their Great Grandparents, Wolf and Mabel reflects both my interest in family history and all things vintage." Anna louise Plumb  

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vintage dressing for kids

Inspired Vintage

Don't you love those moments where you see your child embrace influences that inspired you as a child? Little connections that bring you back to that sense of limitless imagination long forgotten; the ability to suspend disbelief. 

So overjoyed was I when model Jade Parfitt sent me pictures of her little girl Tabitha exploring their local woodland on a fairy hunt in her vintage seventies dress teamed with wellies, that it inspired me to write about my own long running association between vintage floral fabric prints and Flower Fairy illustrations. 

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Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd

What is so wonderful about vintage childrenswear is the quality that sets it apart from what is widely available today. Shopping sustainably and with a discerning eye makes it a win win situation for a generation of forward thinkers. Standing out from the crowd, whilst making a stand for the future.

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Why we love Laura Ashley

Why we love Laura Ashley

From small beginnings to one of the most successful and original British brands, Laura Ashley's original crafted garments are inspiring to this day, highly sought after and collectable. At Wolf and Mabel our eternal search is for the rare originals made the UK that hold layers of craft and delightful detailing. 
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