Finding a perfect vintage coat is rare, like all the best things they are hard to find but rewarding when you do strike gold.
When I look at the quality of clothing on the high street, there’s no match for well preserved vintage tailoring and the quality is a world apart. From the feel of the fabric, the cut of the cloth, and button detail, the joy of finding treasure in a carefully considered garment is a treat these days.   

Winter wool coats, Spring rain macs, Summer cotton coats, if there’s ever an opportunity to find the the right coat for the occasion, I will most likely have one in my over indulgent collection of outerwear.  Similarly possessing what could be considered as a foolishly extensive collection of children's coats that I have collected like an obsessive magpie of tiny tot tailoring.


Maybe I can put it down to my tailoring ancestry because my Grandfather and all of his brothers were tailors,  it’s in my DNA.



At Wolf and Mabel we have found some beautiful vintage children's coats originating from the UK and USA. From Rothschild of Philadelphia to Harris Tweed along with beautifully constructed and finished coats by the likes of Ladybird and St Michael. The quality of vintage tailoring offers us the opportunity to own a garment with a sense of history, style and craft whilst advantageously, allowing us to shop ethically and sustainably. Wonderfully warm coats, fun macs with flair and even a few waistcoats, we invite you to check out our Outerwear section. 

December 14, 2018 — anna-louise plumb