Wolf and Mabel was inspired by an eternal love of vintage clothing and a desire when having children to be able to dress them beautifully and individually. Vintage childrenswear is full of narrative, often has deep connections to our own childhood, and offers incredible attention to detail not commonly found in production today.



Yes there is a world of fantastically inexpensive clothing out there, but so commonly now, we are oversaturated by choice and with that often comes dilution, then monotony, and in an attempt to counteract that, a constant quest for new. The result? Mountains of waste that contributes to our landfill crisis.

What is so wonderful about vintage childrenswear is the quality that sets it apart from what is widely available. Making fast fashion doesn’t allow for the attention to detail that was commonplace when production was slower and more considered. Beautiful coloured prints that line up at the seams, cloth covered buttons, hems that have room to be let down as your child grows, and full flowing skirts that don’t skimp of fabric.

In short, if you want your kids to stand out, you probably want them to stand up for their futures too. The very nature of a beautifully made garment means that it has a longevity that can span generations. Along with looking great and feeling unique comes the advantage of rejecting some of our disposable culture to embrace a more considered and sustainable approach. A win win. 



December 14, 2018 — anna-louise plumb